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We are so excited to connect with you! College can be a time for you to grow closer to Christ in community and learn to live a life for Him. We want to help you be connected to Christian community and friends, growing in your faith, and serving! 


Everything we do allows us to connect, grow, and serve with students. We do socials and game nights, outreach, small group bible studies, worship, discipleship, retreats, mission trips, tailgates, prayer meetings, international student  nights, evangelism training, leadership development and more! Our FAQ page may answer other questions you have about BSM!


As of right now we are gathering online due to COVID-19, which provides an opportunity for you to start growing with us before you even step foot on campus! Click here to see what you can be a part of this summer!

We plan welcome week events to meet & connect with you during your first week on campus! Enter your email below if you would like us to keep you in the loop of what we are up to at the beginning of the 2020 fall semester.


The BSM is not a church. The BSM has partnership with local churches to reach and disciple college students together! We purposefully avoid scheduling Wednesday night and Sunday events to allow space for students to be a part of their church gatherings.  We encourage our students to be involved members of local churches in San Marcos! As you get connected to us feel free to ask people you meet what church they are a part of and how they are involved. 

We know it might be your first time finding a church to be a part of on your own, but it is worth the effort! A few helpful tips we have to offer include finding a church that is committed to Christ and the Word, a church where you know people and people know you (especially people in other life stages!), and a church that you can truly be a part of, serving and doing life together!


Although our BSM is student led and run, you might meet some of our staff members who are serving at Texas State to equip you and others to know Christ! Our CMI's (Campus Missionary Interns) are college graduates of Texas State who want to serve because of the way God used BSM in their lives to grow them throughout college!



Assistant Director

Hi, I’m Kiley! I’m 25 years old and I am from Coral Springs, Florida. I graduated from Texas State with an Agricultural Business degree. I enjoy being outside and hanging out with my friends. I can’t wait to teach you how to play Spikeball! Growing up I believed in God, but it wasn’t until college when I heard what Jesus had personally done for me. I was discipled and encouraged through the BSM community to follow Christ and serve Him for the the rest of my life. I’m looking forward to growing and serving with you this year!




Hi! I’m Rachel. I’m 23, from Lumberton, Texas and I have a bachelor’s degree from TXST in Sociology. I love to dance, write, and cross-stitch. I grew up in church, but didn’t really take action in my faith until college when I learned how to share my faith with others. I’m so excited to get to know you this year!




Hey! I’m Cole Martin, I’m 22 years old with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sports Science, and I am from Temple, Texas. I enjoy getting outside and playing soccer as well as spending time with my dog, Holly. I did not grow up involved in church, and instead found God in my time in high school. However, it was not until college that I truly learned what it meant to live as a follower of Jesus. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and cannot wait to see how God works in all of us this upcoming year!




Hey! I’m Haley Rains, 22, with a degree in Communication Studies, and I am from Wylie, TX! In my free time I love to play sports, to be outside, and to read. I came to know Jesus as my savior at a young age, but I learned how to follow him when I was in college. I am praying for the incoming freshmen to find meaningful community where they will be shown the love of Christ.




Hello there! I'm David Johnson. I'm 22 years old, I graduated last year in Electrical Engineering. I grew up all over the place, but my family lives in Seguin now. I enjoy reading, drinking coffee, and spending time with my friends, doing whatever. I grew up as a pastor's kid and missionary so I've been part of the church all my life; it wasn't till I got to college and joined the BSM that I realized I needed to take my faith seriously and model Christ in all parts of my life. Welcome to Texas State, I'm looking forward to meeting you! P. S. Get ready for the hills.




Hey! I'm Morgan, 23, and I'm from Round Rock, Texas. I recently got my degree in Special Education at Texas State. I really enjoy being with people anywhere outdoors! I 'm a huge fan of scones, deep conversations, soccer, and karaoke. As I was discipled and encouraged through BSM my freshman year, God revealed his gracious gospel to me and I became a Christ follower! I'm so excited to get to know you, grow with you, and see how the Lord works this year!




Hi! I'm Mark and I am 27. I'm from Pfulgerville, Texas and I graduated from Texas State with a degree in electrical engineering. I enjoy videogames (specifically Smash Bros), basketball, and I've recently been learning guitar! God's grace saved me during my second year of college. My hope and prayer for you this semester is to be a part of community where people genuinely love you and you can grow closer to God together.




Hi I’m Jackie!! I’m 23, I graduated from Texas State with a degree in Elementary education and I’m from Kyle, TX! I love running, spending time outside (preferably near the river) and being with people. I grew up in Church but it wasn’t until I was 19 that I actually decided to follow Jesus and since then He has completely transformed my life! I pray that God will fill you with peace as you enter this new season of life and that He’ll allow me to be a part of it. I can’t wait to meet you!

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