Base 10 Groups

We want to continue to connect, grow, and serve with students this school year. Your safety is importance to us and we want to honor Texas State University and the current guidelines. To do this well we are utilizing what we call 'Base 10' groups. Everything we do will be out of the Base 10 groups. Each group will facilitate weekly outreaches (Wednesday lunches aka FLOW) and bible studies (Thursday evenings aka Refuge). Each Base 10 group is led by a different core team of students and meets in a different location to ensure that we are being safe and able to comply with having under 10 people at our gatherings. We are hopeful that this "scattering" will allow us to better safely reach our whole campus. This scattering also means we can't give you a simple time and location to join an outreach or bible study because there will never be just one big event happening! Since we'll be dispersed in small groups throughout San Marcos the key is to be connected with people in a Base 10 group. If you already know someone or have been invited to join a group then go ahead! If you are not yet connected to anyone/base10 group from our BSM then please fill in the contact form below so that we can help you do that! Our Base 10 groups are open to all active college students from all backgrounds - we can't wait to meet you! 


We'll contact you soon!


What to Expect at Refuge

Refuge is our Thursday night worship and small group bible study! Base 10 groups will gather together in homes and apartments to stream worship led by our band and a message from our director. They will then have in person bible study and discussion led by a core team student from their Base 10 group.


What to Expect at FLOW

FLOW is a time for good food and great conversation with friends. Each Base 10 group gets together for lunch on Wednesdays to grow in friendships, talking about real life and God.