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GoNow Missions Fundraiser

Texas State BSM is doing Jar Wars, our biggest missions fundraiser of the year! It will have several rounds, with different students and their teams put head-to-head against another team! In order to keep your favorite student from getting slimed, you can bid money on them during our event on November 15th which will be live-streamed on Facebook, the team with the most money is safe! Any money students have raised that is not spent in their own rounds can be used on other students rounds. Money raised from this will benefit not only Texas State BSM, but BSM's all across Texas!

Facebook Event Page

Donate here

Choose your team leader & then your amount

("Donation per item" is where you enter your amount)

Ariel Howard---------------------

Alex Milam--------------------

Mark Roseman----------------------

Hannah Brockett------------

Matthew Naizer------------------

Team 7-------------------------

David Johnson-------------------

Team 8-------------------------

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